Steak…it’s what’s for dinner

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TGIF everyone!  I hope your Friday is off to a great start so far.  Mine sure is and I’m so excited to get this weekend started.  Anyone have fun plans for this weekend?  For me, it’ll be a lot of relaxation with the fam…a perfect sounding weekend to me 🙂

So let’s get into yesterday’s eats…it relates to this title and the meal is definitely blog worthy in my own opinion 😉

But before we get into dinner, lunch was pretty awesome too…Avocado, oven roasted turkey sandwich with a laughing cow cheese wedge. Side of roasted bell peppers and carrots.

After lunch this foodie lover didn’t take very long to start thinking about dinner…I was stumped for ideas so I enlisted the help from the chef (hubby!) of the household.

Me: “Any ideas for dinner?”

Hubby: “I was thinking steak salads tonight”

Me: “Ummm, yes pleaseeeee!”

I admit I’m not a huuuge meat lover per se, but I do love me some good ole steak or beef burger every now and then…especially when it’s that time of the month…hmmm could that be a good sign for me?!

So hubby being the awesome man that he is, went to the store to pick up the goodies for the steak salads.  New York Strip Steaks, butter lettuce, blue cheese (goes amazingly with steaks!), tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Action shot…

Seasoned with pepper and seasoned salt

Steak…it’s what’s for dinner 😉

Yummm…steak atop a bed of butter lettuce, red bell peppers, mushrooms, blue cheese, and drizzles of balsamic vinaigrette and ranch dressings

And the hubby’s (manly) version…

It was a delicious meal and I more than got my dose of iron nutrients.  Which got me (and my hubby) thinking…we both rarely eat beef during the week, but this morning we were realizing how great we felt and we owed it to the iron and protein rich steak we had last night.  How great our bodies and energy levels felt this morning, made us realize how imperative it is for us (especially with our activity levels) to be cognizant of enhancing our diet with iron rich foods.  And for vegetarians, there are an abundance of iron sources besides meat – beans, lentils, spinach, iron-enriched cereal, and artichokes.

So after our talk, we made it a mission for one day per week to have a beef based dinner…next week, beef burgers on the menu…oooh yeah 🙂

I also have to say that in the past during my struggles, I never would have given a second though to having beef, I just wouldn’t eat it.  I’d get anxious over the extra calories or fat I’d be consuming and would have avoided eating it at all costs.  Now, I think of this beef as a source of something good for my body…the protein, iron, and countless other nutrients that I’m giving my body is something I’m so proud of and that I’m able to do now.  It’s no longer about the amount of calories or fat grams, it’s about the nutrients and quality of real, wholesome food that I’m enriching my body with.  It’s all about balance and intuitive eating, something I’m striving for daily, and if you’re struggling I know you can get there too 🙂

So with those iron rich energy levels, I was more than ready to get in a workout this morning…especially since I had a rest day yesterday.  I completed 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 30 minutes of strength training that went like this…

On the bosu ball, squats with overhead shoulder presses and lunges with bicep curls.  Then a series of more shoulder exercises: upright rows, lateral raises, and chest presses.  I fatigued my shoulders to a pulp, and boy did it feel good to kick my own booty 🙂

I was more than ready for breakfast once I got to work, and it was nice to not have to make anything (or think of what to have for that matter) since I had already prepped it last night…

Overnight Oats!  I told ya yesterday I’d make a repeat of it again 😉 It was just as delicious!

Usually when I head out the door, I normally just throw on a pair of shoes that I’ve already worn for the past of couple days…but this morning I felt like a change and perused through my closet to see what I could find…

Stuart Weitzman heels! Do you know how looong it’s been since I’ve worn these beauties?! I think the last time I wore them was when I bought them…oh 5+ years ago!  I hope patent leather is still in style…I know Shanna, the shoe aficionado, could tell me…please say yes 🙂

Hoping that the shoes are still stylish I wore them anyway with my outfit today…

Gosh I need a tan…hint hint for what I’m doing this weekend! 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

Questions: Do you enjoy beef/steak for dinner on occasion?  Do you ever have cravings for beef?  Do you have a pair of shoes or a clothing item you suddenly discover after so many years?


7 thoughts on “Steak…it’s what’s for dinner

    sarahsmodernbites said:
    July 29, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    HI Shayla! So I am just discovering your blog, and after reading a bit I think we have incredibly similar eating habits/tastes. Weirdly so. haha Avocado and sliced turkey on sandwich thins used to be a stable of mine… I recently switched to veggie burgers with avocado and pepperjack… just to liven things up a bit haha

    I used to be the same way with beef. Then I discovered how awesome I felt after eating it. SO much more energy. Nowadays it’s so much easier to get sustainably raised or grass-fed beef. Pretty awesome stuff! I’ve read that grass-fed beef has jujst as much or even more omega 3’s than salmon. We eat beef about once a week. Usually in burger form and most often just the way you and your husband prepare it…. the girl and the guy way!

    I Love rediscovering clothes/shoes I haven’t worn in a bazillion years. I recently started wearing these peep-toe red flats from Aldo that I had stashed away because I hate my toes and have been too lazy to get a pedicure. Then I finally got a pedicure and Voila! I can wear them again.

    About a year ago I was going through my jewelry stuff and noticed I had two pairs of earrings that I loved but had been broken forever (years maybe?) so I sat down and put both pairs back together. It was super tedious as there were many pieces but I was totally able to resurrect them both! Like two new pairs.

    Also, just want to let you know how exciting I think it is that you guys are preparing to have get pregnant! I can’t wait until I start doing that 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more!

      Shayla @ The Good Life responded:
      July 29, 2011 at 1:02 pm

      Hi Sarah! Welcome and thank you for stopping by!! Love your comment, and I just checked out your blog, you’re too pretty and I’m already loving your food…your Italian style quesadillas and herbed turkey burgers look delish, I gotta try it! We definitely seem to have a lot in common which is awesome…and you must have read my mind in that I’ve been wanting to switch things up from turkey so I love your veggie burgers tip to liven things up – that’s next on my list! 🙂

      And what an awesome tip on grass-fed beef…I never knew they had so much omega 3’s?! You know I’ve been trying to think of more ways to get in more omega-3’s besides just chia seeds, and that’s the solution, thank you!

      Your peep-toe red flats sound adorable…and I’ve been wanting a pair of red shoes lately since I don’t own a single pair! And I too have been shying away from wearing open toed heels b/c of my toe dilemma…I gotta get a pedicure stat! Just ask the hubby, he’ll vouch for it, ha! 😉

      It’s definitely an exciting time with your significant other when you decide to start trying…it will be a very special and wonderful time in your life 🙂

        sarahsmodernbites said:
        July 30, 2011 at 5:09 am

        Red shoes changed my world haha they add such a fun pop of color! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    Shanna, like Banana said:
    July 29, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    Those shoes are still hot! Stuart is classic that way 😉 In fact, I just saw some recent ones on store shelves (in multiple brands!).

    I love finding old shoes — shopping in your own closet is great!

    Happy Friday =)

      Shayla @ The Good Life responded:
      July 29, 2011 at 4:54 pm

      Yay thanks Shanna! I knew you’d have the answer 😉

      Happy Friday to you too 🙂

    Stephanie said:
    July 29, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    ooh cute outfit! love the top! 🙂

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